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Graduates of the Plano Citizens Police Academy are eligible to join the Alumni Association. This exciting course brings citizens in contact with every aspect of cutting-edge policing including crime prevention, K-9 policing, traffic and narcotics enforcement, crimes against persons investigation, department ethics, SWAT, and much more.


Students have the opportunity to ride along with an officer on patrol and try their hand at the split-second decision-making that faces officers in deadly situations, simulated in "shoot-don't-shoot" scenarios. 

Don't miss these CPA class highlights


Learn How Detectives Solve Crimes

City Jail Facility Tour

Visit the Jail

SWAT Team Gear

Check Out the Tactical Weaponry

Nighttime Investigations

Go on a Ride Along

Bomb Tech Robots

See Robots in Action

K-9 Policing

Watch a K-9 Get His Teeth Into His Work

Drive Day!

Drive a Police Unit

Join PCPAAA for More Fun

Join in Community Events

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