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The Plano Police Department began the Plano Citizens Police Academy in 1991 as a benefit to the citizens of Plano. The Alumni Association was formed by those who attended the Academy with the objective of providing volunteer efforts to benefit the City of Plano, with special emphasis on the Plano Police Department.


One of the many services we are proud to participate in is raising funds for a scholarship program that benefits the children of Plano police officers. 


In 2022, $17,000 was awarded on behalf of PCPAAA and the PPA (Plano Police Association).


PCPAAA - $5,000 PCPAAA Scholarship

PCPAAA - $2,500 David Harbin Scholarship

PPA - $2,500 Officer Dayle Weston Hardy Scholarship

PPA - $2,500 Deputy Marshall Green W. Rye Scholarship

PCPAAA - $1,500 SAI Scholarship

PCPAAA - $1,500 SAI Scholarship

PCPAAA - $1,500 SAI Scholarship


We wish great success to our hard-working, highly qualified scholarship winners.


We invite Plano businesses and professionals to join in supporting our scholarship program. Contact our Association President, Fabian Gordon, or donate online

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